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Volume-2, Issue-2, 2013

ISSN -2277-6826

संगमनी मुखपृष्ठ

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१.  विज्ञानभाष्यदृष्ट्या चतुःसूत्र्याः समीक्षणम् - धनञ्जयकुमारपाण्डेयः

२.  Iyaric as a Western Cultural Matrix for the Translation of Sanskrit - R. Joseph Capet

३.  अभिज्ञानशाकुन्तलम् में लोक-विश्वास एवं मान्यताएँ - आनन्द कुमार

४.  श्रीमद्भगवद्गीता  का दार्शनिक विवेचन - विकास सिंह

५.  Importance of planting & treatment of disease in Śārṅgadhara Paddhati - Sudha Singh




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Important: All issues of Nikaṣa in 2014 will be dedicated to Pt. Sivakar Bapuji Talpade on his 150th birth anniversary. Pt. Talpade was the inventor of Vimana named by ‘Marutsakhā’. Scholars are requested to send papers only on Ancient Indian Sciences or Science Literature in Sanskrit.

Umesh Kumar Singh
(Assistant Professor, School of Indic Studies, Institute of Advanced Sciences, Dartmouth, USA)

Harendra Kr. Bhargava
(Banaras Hindu University)

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Pratap Kumar Mishra


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